Mike Lenihan

Director of Strategy | Program Producer - New York City

Mike Lenihan loves strategizing — from how best to bypass sidewalk stragglers, to mapping all of New York's Juice Presses. But nothing gets his brain snapping more than figuring out how to help Empire’s clients engage their audiences through creatively cohesive and compelling experiences.

For this, Mike’s background in strategic communications comes in handy - having helped some of the world’s largest foundations, progressive advocacy organizations, and leading universities build successful engagement and fundraising strategies.

Mike also likes to don a Producer hat from time to time, developing programs for organizations like MIT Solve, the Clinton Global Initiative, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Goalkeepers.

Mike comes to Empire with a Master's in International Affairs, specializing in international conflict resolution, from Columbia SIPA. He's lived in Berlin and Istanbul, but is now back in NYC, mainly for Juice Press.

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