Matt Stevenson

SVP, Director of Production - New York City

Matt Stevenson was born and raised in NYC and was always compelled by the allure of the music and entertainment business. After graduating with a B.A. in Music Industry during a tumultuous time for the record business, Matt set his sights on live event production. Matt joined Empire in 2007 and was immediately enraptured by the events business. Matt excels in executing technical production projects of varying scope and budget and worked his way up to take on the role of Director of Production in 2011.

Since then he has managed and grown the production department successfully at Empire and has been working on major productions all over the world for clients like, FOX, Disney, Microsoft, TIME, MTV, Altria, Harpo, Spotify, AMC, Hearst, Target, Bravo and many more including a slew of private and nonprofit clients. After work Matt unwinds in his river town home in Piermont, NY, with his wife and dog, where he is also a volunteer firefighter.

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