Salma Metwally

Production Coordinator

Always drawn to producing and event planning, Salma started out as an intern for Sodexo her senior year at Marist College, where she planned various events for students to offer a unique dining experience. Having been a student at the time, she drew from her own experience and desires to conceptualize and produce. The events were met with excitement and gratitude from the students and were often nationally recognized by Sodexo. From there, she took her experience to Wilkins Media where she produced Experiential Activations for clients across all industries. However, her favorite activations to work on were movie premieres and pop-up concerts. Her favorite project ever was a pop-up High School Musical concert in Washington Square Park to promote the debut of the new series on Disney+. Working alongside the cast and influencers she quickly learned that this is what she wanted to focus her career on.

Having been born in Alexandria, Egypt and since visiting frequently, Salma has a multicultural perspective that she brings to everything she does. She values diversity and believes that being bilingual has tremendously helped her in her career.

On her off days she enjoys putting in headphones, playing one of her 80+ playlists and taking photos. If not behind her computer, you can find her behind a camera! Her passion for creativity and conceptualizing has turned into an outlet for her during those extra stressful weeks.

As an advocate for Mental Health and Women’s Rights, she hopes her future work continues to be met with positivity and creates good in the world.

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