Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Premier Party

November 2002. New York City, NY, Cipriani 42nd Street

When client J. P. Morgan held a special family premiere event at SONY Lincoln Plaza cinemas for the release of the first Harry Potter film, Empire was contracted to create a magical, thematic reception at the adjoining Reebok Sports Club for 600 people. For this parents & children event, Empire created a custom entry façade of THE HOGWARTS SCHOOL OF WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY. Once inside Empire designed, produced and staffed a series of children's craft & magic areas which included a "Design your own Magic Wand," station and an area where children could learn to do sleight-of-hand magical illusions themselves. Thematic Buffet Decorations that included clusters of magic wands, wizard hats, volumes of books, owls, golden chalices, eyeglasses, quidditch, broomsticks, the Invisible Cloak, and the Sorting Hat. Empire also provided an entry façade that guests passed through on their way into the movie theater.

Empire often works with clients like J. P. Morgan to create exciting and innovative customer loyalty events that have a real, positive impact on our client's bottom lines.

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