Empire Delivers Themed Talent & a Train Concert for Microsoft

July 2006. Boston, MA, The Boston Convention Center

For a three day global technology conference in Boston, the client's production company sought to open the each day's general session with an entertaining opening segment that emphasized different aspects of the client's business, all presented with the same general theme. The same musical theme would be used but to have to adapt on each day to reflect the themese of 1) the promise of developing markets, 2) the global nature of urban culture, and 3) the harmony between precision and power. To meet this challenge, Empire and original entertainment solution developer Live Lab worked closely with the creative production company to design, score, cast, costume, rehearse and deliver three different ensembles to former high-impact theatrical openers for each day's sessions.

To add to the challenge, the audiences would be in the several thousands each morning and would have to be highly visual and colorful to have an impact. The first day's general session message was emerging markets. For this, Empire provided the African Children's Choir, a 24 child ensemble made up almost entirely of orphans from the nation of Uganda, ages 9 - 13. This incredible group of singers and dancers led by an adult female vocalist and performin in vibrant colorful costumes, managed to bring the audience to their feet on the opening day with their powerful and inspirational performance of the song entitled "You and Me." On the second day global urban culture was represented in the form of a duet by New York City rap artist Adesola Osakalumi with Indian singer Manjit Devgun. They were in turn backed up by Chinese-American DJ David Chang and Donna D'Cruz, an extraordinary world music DJ whose background weaves together many cultures. Together the four performed a live hip hop / bhangra-crossover version of "You and Me" that took on an entirely different feel than the first day but still maintained the continuity and message.

On the third and final day, the piece began with an elegant string ensemble of 6 violins, viola and cello led by Juilliard graduate Lisa Liu. Midway through the piece E.B. Fraley's four piece rock band joined the number and Lisa Liu removed a tear-away gown to reveal a heavy metal wardobe and a flying-V viper-style electric violin. The piece built in energy and dynamism to an exciting finalé as Lisa and EB Fraley traded solos and brought down the house. Empire, Live Lab and the creative production company worked closely to deliver these original ensembles that met the client's objectives, exceeded the client's expectations and thrilled the audiences on each morning.

On the final night of the three day concert Empire delivered an outdoor concert with Train.

Empire and Live Lab are well-established leaders in the conception, design and production of original entertainment solutions.

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