Japanese Launch of Microsoft's New OS

October 2012. Tokyo, Japan

Empire was chosen by US software company Microsoft to launch the latest incarnation of its world-leading operating system. The client’s brief was focused on the need to communicate the excitement of Japan welcoming the new software at the stroke of midnight. Empire’s project team worked tirelessly to put together a plan that would create an irresistible buzz around the launch.

This launch plan included venue search, design and build, awareness building activity planning, and casting at the main venue in the heart of Tokyo’s internationally famous “Electric Town”, Akihabara.

Empire cast Crystal Kay as the main performer for the evening with Fukazawa Rina as MC. Other special guests included the enormously popular all-girl band SCANDAL, commentator Dave Spector, and parkour artist Zen Shimada, all who kept the ever growing audience thoroughly entertained. Akihabara was jumping as Crystal Kay and her dancers lit up the night with a fantastically energetic performance.

Working with Japan’s largest advertising agency, Empire was able to execute to perfection, delivering an exciting and visually stunning launch event for this global brand.

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