Uhuru's Office Opening Celebration

October 2016. Tokyo

To continuously grow their entrepreneurial spirit and become a dominant global player in various cloud-based products and platforms, Uhuru, one of Salesforce.com's largest system integrators in Japan, asked Empire to design their newest office and produce an Opening Party for over 100 of their top clients.

Empire used its vast knowledge of event production and communication strategy to create a beautifully unique space.

Based on the given theme of “Future x Nature”, Empire worked closely with the office`s real estate team creating four distinct spaces: the reception area, meeting room, seminar space, and the working space.

The final design incorporated combinations of organic materials (plants & wood) and the use of contemporary designed furniture from IROCO Design including astroturf carpeting, ceiling plants, and molo paper seating.

To celebrate their newly designed office, Empire helped

Empire Entertainment continues to be a leading producer in all areas of event production.

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