Nippon Genki Project `SUPER ENERGY 2017`

June 2017. Tokyo, Roppongi Hills Arena

​The "SUPER ENERGY" fashion event produced by Kansai Yamamoto with the help of Empire Japan, one of the most famous Japanese designers/event producers, was held at the dynamic Roppongi Hills Arena.

The day long festival is part of a massive effort to lift Japan out of the post-3/11 tsunami doldrums and energize it as it gets ready to host the 2020 Olympic Games.

The show featured approximately 250 big names, including Hip Hop artist Tyga, actor/film director Yusuke Iseya, model Akimoto Kira, model/talent Ahn Mika, model/artist Tsuchiya Anna, actress/photgrapher Miyuki Matsuda, movie commentator/talent LiLiCo and many more. The show also featured original clothing from Kansai Yamamoto’s archive collection and a range of performances that lit up the stage.

Other highlights of the show were energetic performances from the African Percussion Group "Wagan Ndiaye Rose with sophie ker gi" and the 100 brass band and dance department of Gakuen Hachioji Senior High School. It was a night of electirc stage performances, unique acts, and various workshops backed by the voice of Kansai Yamamoto.

The family-friendly "SUPER ENERGY" 2017 event drew around 10,000 people.

Empire is a major producer of public events and is very proud to be a partner of this year's celebration.

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