Camp Casper: Solar Eclipse 2017

August 2017. Casper, Trout On Inn

Casper (the sleep company) goes to Casper (the city in Wyoming) for the Eclipse!

On August 21st, 2017, the earth crossed the shadow of the moon, creating a total solar eclipse that travelled across the entire USA – and one of the best places to view this astronomical event was Casper, WY. So Casper (the sleep company) hit the road to create a once-in-a-lifetime luxury camping experience for 50 lucky customers and fans.

Partnering with Under Canvas, Alamo Draft House, and Outdoor Voices, Casper set up a pop-up campground 15 miles outside of town at the Trout On Inn, a picturesque venue along the shores of the North Platte River.

Upon arrival, guests were checked in to luxurious Safari tents provided each outfitted with 2 twin beds featuring Casper mattresses & bedding. Lunch was served out of Casper, WY’s own Mad Flatters food truck and outdoor apparel company Outdoor Voices organized float trips down the river and yoga in the fields. As afternoon activities came to an end, guests were treated to a sunset BBQ.

Following dinner, expert astronomer & Director of the Center for Astronomy & Physics Education Research Stephanie Slater, in town herself for the eclipse, stopped by & offered her insights into the cosmic coincidence and it’s effects on the human race throughout history.

The evening closed with a screening under the stars of Close Encounters of the Third Kind presented by Alamo Draft House on their renowned inflatable screen set in the horse corral.

A cowboy breakfast was set in the morning where guests enjoyed pancakes and coffee in eager anticipation of the coming eclipse. As the path of the moon’s shadow passed through the country, and total darkness eclipsed broad daylight guests looked up to marvel at the sight.

A farewell lunch was served by Impossible Burger.

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