Microsoft Connect(); 2017

November 2017. New York City, Spring Studios

Microsoft hosted their three-day in-person and online developer event, Connect(); 2017, at Spring Studios in New York City.

Led by Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group EVP Scott Guthrie, Connect(); is a key communications event for the Microsoft developer community and functions as an annual platform for announcements and demo’s in Cloud, DevOps, Mobile, Data, and AI. At Microsoft Connect(); developers are introduced to important new tools and services that enable them to build the apps and software programs of the future that will have a positive effect on people’s lives. Spring Studios once again served as the ideal setting for an event dedicated to impact, innovation, and openness.

To balance the Keynote room’s sun-filled space with the need to beautifully illustrate data-driven content, three large-scale, high-resolution LED screens were custom-built to fit within the existing window frames. An additional series of transparent columns were lit from within and created two “walls” on each side of the room, masking the extensive back of house space required to support the technical program in the open plan space while visually supporting Microsoft’s themes of open-ness, flexibility and transparency. The same visual aesthetic was extended into every aspect of the event and incorporated radiating graphics and HUD interface elements, communicating that “information is everywhere.”

Guests received their first taste of technological innovation at registration, where they were welcomed by name on a reactive LED screen installation covering the full width of the entry wall. A large lunch café was created with a décor scheme that incorporated custom-built, ceiling-high steel LED frames draped with foliage to create smaller, intimate restaurant-style spaces that displayed both technology and nature.

A series of breakout sessions presented content targeted to attendees’ varied interests, while imagery displayed throughout the venue showcased real-life applications of how products designed to empower developers help to unleash the power of data and reimagine possibilities that will improve our world.

Every element of Microsoft Connect(); from registration, breakfast and keynote, to lunch and evening cocktails, were custom-designed to communicate exacting brand messaging and to deliver a high-touch guest experience to this important audience. The keynote and breakout sessions were livestreamed through an onsite studio built for this purpose and content was watched online by millions around the world.

Empire is proud to collaborate with Microsoft on this annual, top-tier business communication event.

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