Hanami by Namacha

April 2018. Tokyo, Ocho No Iroha

When KIRIN, Japan’s beverage giant, wanted to find ways to increase their awareness and popularity of their green tea line, Namacha, Empire Entertainment Japan was called upon to deliver the task.

During this first seasonal campaign, held at the Ocha No Iroha building, guests were instantly engulfed in a sea of cherry blossom trees after entering the space. The fitting theme of the evening was “Hanami by Namacha”, or "cherry blossom viewing by Namacha".

KIRIN and Empire created an experience where one could relax and enjoy “Namacha” because of careful space design and eye for detail. Once guests made their way through the beautiful cherry blossoms, they were invited to enjoy original Namacha-inspired cherry blossom sweets. Building this installation at a prime location garnered multiple interactions and brand impressions over the course of the four day campaign.

Empire Entertainment is a proven leader of executing innovative, consumer-face brand marketing projects in worldwide markets.​

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