Uber Elevate Asia Pacific Expo

August 2018. Tokyo

UBER announced in the Uber Elevate Asia Pacific Expo on 30th August that, Japan is 1 of the 5 markets being considered for the launch of a very exciting form of urban transportation in the foreseeable future – Flying Taxi, in 2023.

By 2023, UBER will be testing the on-demand platform for flying cars!

Empire Entertainment Japan was proud to be produced the 2-day summit and Expo, partnering with Uber's in-house creative team which outlined exciting plans involving policy makers in and outside Japan, business partners and media from Asia Pacific area.

The meeting was kickstarted by Mr. Barney Harford, COO of UBER and also participation from the Tokyo Governor, Ms. Yuriko Koike. She expressed her excitement with cars crossing the sky soon become a reality. Back-to-back presentations were then provided by the Uber Elevate team. There were also various exhibitions demonstrating the newest ideas and products available, one of them being a virtual flying taxi simulator, shown by VR glass and provided by Jaunt.

The evening was wrapped up with a cocktail reception and VIP dinner. Empire is involved in the planning, construction, AV, show calling, registration management, operational staff management, photography as well as video documenting this future milestone of urban transportation history.

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