Asahi Shimbun's Bon Marché Live Cooking

July 2020. , Virtual

When Asahi Shimbun's (one of Japan's oldest and largest national newspapers) online editorial, “Bon Marche”, wanted to continue the enthusiasm following their successful “Bon Marche Online Tea Party”, Bon Marche with the help of Empire held its first online interactive cooking class with popular Japanese-South Korean cooking expert, Koh Kentetsu.

With around 20 participants all over Japan, Mr. Kentetsu showed everyone how to prepare one of his most memorable dishes, his “Stairs to Heaven Stir-Fried Pork & Cabbage”. Step-by-step, from start to finish, participants were able to interacted with Mr. Kentetsu. While cooking, he spoke of his time in the Philippines where he learned about the dish and his personal goals as a cooking expert.

Empire worked closely with Bon Marche to execute this virtual event including the online system planning, constructing, scripting and run of show.

Empire is a leading producer of virtual and digital events and we strive to deliver the same high production value, immersive and interactive qualities we are known for in live events to virtual audiences.

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