Unfinished Live Episode Four: Questions, Culture + Change

December 2020. Virtual

On December 8th, 2020, the fourth and final episode of the 2020 Unfinished Live digital series streamed live on to an international audience. This final episode focused on the questions of “What is possible now?”What does a moral nation do?”Who do we want to be?”What are you protecting?” and “What's a question that changed your life?” Writer, Artist and Activist Baratunde Thurston again served as host live from Los Angeles.

The audience was invited to contemplate and connect with culture-shapers, impact leaders, changemakers and artists for a fast-paced hour of live segments, dynamic films, showcased lived experience, creative expression, and real-world candor. Through conversations, exchanges and roundtable discussions, experts joined everyday voices in a nuanced exploration of possibility and discovery.

Featured speakers for episode four included Singer, Songwriter & Musician Bruce Springsteen; Black Futures Lab Principal Alicia Garza; Artist, Poet and Chef Precious Okoyomon; Serpentine Galleries Artistic Director Hans Ulrich Obrist; Playwright, Actress & Professor Anna Deavere Smith; Chairman & CEO of Unfinished, Frank McCourt, Creative Producer, Director & ED of Sankofa.org Gina Belafonte; Chief Advocacy and Engagement Officer of Unfinished Alison McCauley; Photographer, Artist & Education Worker Bayeté Ross Smith; and President of Unfinished Labs Braxton Woodham.

Unfinished Live has partnered with an unparalleled, impact-driven partner network to create both the series and the impact platform (see below) including The Aspen Institute, The Shed, For Freedoms, Ford Foundation, Imperative 21, Ashoka, Georgetown University, MilM2, McCourt and PolicyLink.

Empire is proud to serve as producer of this important series, managing the development and production of each episode as well as the overall project.

About Unfinished

Unfinished ​is an impact network and media platform devoted to the simple idea that if we open our minds and create the space for possibilities, we can advance powerful solutions to the most critical challenges of our time. By tapping into the power of communities, creative media and new technology, we connect thought-leaders, culture-shapers, policy-makers and innovators to provoke ideas, elevate unheard voices and pursue collaborations for greater impact.

To learn more visit: https://unfinished.com/

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