MediaLink at CES 2021

January 2021. Virtual

MediaLink and its partners teamed up with Empire to deliver personalized insight experiences to high-level executives virtually attending this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the second week of January 2021.

Empire worked closely with MediaLink to design and build the user-friendly virtual platform to host over 1,000 executives, marketers and media industry professionals alike who look to MediaLink each year to maximize their experience at CES.

The bespoke virtual platform hosted trend sessions, board room meetings, CES-related programming and breakout sessions over the course of the multi-day virtual conference for industry leaders to network and meet.

One of the innovative design features created for this proprietary, branded virtual conference center as a meeting lobby where attendees would show up for pre-scheduled meetings in dedicated spaces, but where a virtual concierge could also place attendees into meetings in real time, curating networking and orchestrating market-making. The MediaLink Hub was also created to allow easy access for registered CES attendees.

Global brand partners tuned in for live programming that featured interactive question & answer capabilities enabling session hosts to field questions from the virtual audience in real time. In breakout sessions, media and brand partners experienced deep-dive panel discussions and engaging presentations on cutting-edge consumer technology, industry trends, and more.

Leading up to and on event days, Empire’s team of producers, creatives, and technical directors managed platform content, media, and livestreams, oversaw sessions, and handled troubleshooting for active attendees.

Empire was thrilled to work with MediaLink and is a proud producer of virtual, hybrid, and live leadership conferences, experiential marketing events, and more.

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