HENSHIN by Kamen Rider

February 2021. Virtual

Bandai’s “Kamen Rider” remains one of the most popular metaseries in Japan, with annual reincarnations of the insect-motif masked superhero battling supervillains in an action-packed world. On February 10, Bandai crossed over into the fashion world launching “HENSHIN by KAMEN RIDER”, a new clothing line themed on the legendary Tokusatsu franchise.

Bandai, with the help of Empire, was responsible for the brand's online launch with a unique virtual pop-up experience. Using Empire's customizable Virtual Platform, customers were transported to the powerful 3D futuristic world of HENSHIN. With just a click, customers had the ability to move around the digital space and access to immersive promotional videos and limited edition sneakers and fashion line-ups.

Empire’s “Virtual Platform” is a highly immersive virtual space that can be used for any event including from pop-ups, exhibitions, and virtual seminars.

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©Ishimori Pro, Toei

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