athenahealth Thrive

October 2022. Austin, The Austin Convention Center

athenahealth is a leading cloud-based healthcare technology company that connects clinicians, patients, payers, and partners in differentiated ways. athenahealth’s Thrive Summit is an annual event that brings together more than 2,000 of the brightest minds in healthcare for three days of keynote presentations, panel discussions, intimate breakouts, and freestyle networking opportunities, all with one simple goal in mind: Let’s thrive together to create healthcare as it could be.

It was no small feat. Empire brought this mission statement to life at the massive Austin Convention Center in Austin, TX. Working within more than 150,000 square feet of blank space, Empire crafted hundreds of networking areas, 60+ custom partner booth opportunities, a stunning Keynote stage fit for a 2,000-person audience, and a central athenahealth hub showcasing the brand’s products and services – and providing an anchor to the Expo Hall experience. Every element of the event was crafted in the inviting and accessible experience athenahealth strives to deliver to its customers. Empire designed every aspect of the event with the intention of bringing the digital brand to life and connecting attendees to learn, share, and grow.

From the “Connection Lounge” filled with soft seating for casual conversations to the “Coaching Café,” where attendees could schedule 1:1 meetings with athenahealth representatives and the lively Expo Hall mini-stages that offered TedTalk-style content, each space was created with the intention for anyone from senior leaders to prospective customers to feel welcome and excited to be a part of athenahealth.

Working hand in hand with the athenahealth team, Empire managed all aspects of the creative design and development, production, fabrication, budgeting, staging, talent coordination, technical production, and venue management.

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