Empire celebrates creativity and big ideas in every form. For over two decades, our team has consistently sought and achieved game-changing conceptual breakthroughs. We relentlessly brainstorm, research, collaborate and experiment with an unwavering commitment to innovative creativity.


To bring great ideas to life requires both creative design and capable engineering. Our team brings together a diverse range of skills to focus and form each idea and component of a project into an executable plan. We bring versatility, a commitment to design excellence and an innate ability of how to orchestrate various components into a complete picture.


Empire started in the music, television, film and theater industries and we are privileged to enjoy, longstanding and productive relationships with many of the world’s best-known artists representing various forms of creative expression. Our unparalleled access to top-tier talent and industry knowledge enables us to leverage participation for optimum results.


Empire represents the best in creative design and precision execution. As experienced producers, we understand and have mastered the technical, logistical and project management skills necessary to deliver truly creative projects on schedule and within budget. Our deeply experienced and collaborative team organizes and manages the success of every project with reliability and excellence.


Empire projects are among the most visible in the world and are designed to reach a global audience through all forms of media. Each project is created with both guest experience and media audience in mind so that content is part of the creative DNA. As skilled multi-media producers, Empire integrates media touchpoints during the planning process so that the impact of each project is felt long after the event ends.

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