Deep Space Project 2017

April 2017. Nagano, Japan, Achi Village

At the southern end of the Japanese Alps, 1400 meters above sea level, lays Achi Village, also known by the Ministry of Environment, “the best place in Japan to see the stars".

Beginning in 2012, the “Sky Night Park Tour” was created. Bringing in a total of 100,000 people, visitors ride a gondola lift where they can enjoy activities that mix the beauty of the stars with the allure of science and technology. Empire Japan teamed up with a visual artist and enra’s very own creative director, Nobuyuki Hanabusa and produced this year's tour.

Using the existing gondola lift the visual artist created a space station-like atmosphere. With his visual and audio creativity the tour took spectators on a 15 minute journey through the infinite universe. Beyond mere production of computer graphics, Mr. Hanabusa with support of Empire created a new “Sky Night Park Tour”.

The 2017 DEEP SPACE TOUR will be from April 15 to October 21. During this period, Empire Artist super group enra will also be performing a special program for this engagement.

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