Hult University's 2019 Hult Prize

October 2019. New York City, ECOSOC Chamber, United Nations Headquarters

The Hult Prize’s $1 million check is the largest sum awarded to the winners of any social good innovation competition. This is because the solutions the Hult Prize funds are both effective, and especially urgent. The competition, which is open to students around the world, encourages and energizes young entrepreneurs to build for-profit startups that focus on critical social challenges. To date, the Hult Prize has engaged over one million students and deployed over $50 million in capital to winning projects.

Each year, the Hult Prize directs applicants, of which there may be as many as 50,000, to focus on a single, specific issue; in 2017, participants designed innovations to improve the lives of at least 1 million refugees over the next five years, and the winning proposal was an initiative to bring community transit hubs to refugee settlements, solving for the significant mobility gap that migrants face.

The Hult Prize main event takes place inside the United Nations Headquarters, with the presentations by the final six teams occurring in the ECOSOC chamber in the afternoon. Once the presentations are complete, all the participants go upstairs to a reception in the Delegate Dining Room, both inside and on the patio that overlooks the East river while the judges are given 45 minutes to deliberate and select a winner. As in years past, President Bill Clinton has joined them for a final briefing and then he announces the winner from the stage. President Clinton will also announce the next year’s challenge.

Empire’s team was responsible for all production support for the presentation and reception, venue management, food & beverage, accommodations, credentialing, press support, set design, and graphics. We also coordinated with the UN broadcast office to have the proceedings webcast.

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