Shibuya Ghost in the Shell Night by au 5G

May 2020. Virtual Shibuya

As part of the campaign showcase for the original Netflix anime “Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045,” the latest installment in the long running Ghost in the Shell franchise, Shibuya 5G Entertainment Project and Empire co-produced the “Shibuya Ghost in the Shell Night by au 5G”.

Produced in response to social distancing measures, Tokyo’s famous Shibuya high streets were transformed into a futuristic entertainment showcase with mixed reality content, the “Virtual Shibuya.” The use of 5G and the latest cutting-edge technology connected the real Shibuya to a virtual space, combining the realms of the digital and real world. Visitors were able to walk around freely, visiting the stage and iconic Shibuya landmarks. “Shibuya Ghost in the Shell Night by au 5G” garnered over 50,000 viewers.

Viewers tuning into “Virtual Shibuya” with their own avatars using smartphones, PCs or VR devices, found a variety of online events held inside the virtual event space. Talk shows and performances included SEKAI NO OWARI’s DJ LOVE, virtual YouTuber and member of Nijisanji Ange Katrina, Chinatsu Wakatsuki of Future Design Shibuya, and Naohiro Ukawa of S/U/P/E/R DOMMUNE.

Empire’s scope of work included implementation planning, run-of-show direction and the performers & staff briefing.

Empire is a leading producer of virtual and digital events. We strive to deliver the same high production value, immersive and interactive qualities we are known for in live events to virtual audiences. Please contact us for more information on Virtual Events and to request a copy of the Empire Virtual Events Guide.

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