Adidas Brand Center RAYARD MIYASHITA PARK Art Work


As part of adidas’s new initiative, “END PLASTIC WASTE”, adidas Japan in collaboration with Empire artist Shinpei Kashihara has co-created artwork for adidas Japan's first, “Sustainability Area”.

Opening sequentially on July 28th in the adidas Brand Center RAYARD MIYASHITA PARK, adidas Japan’s largest store, upon entering guests will be greeted by large banners on the 1st and 2nd floors. Designed by single-stroke painter, NANDE (Naoyuki Nande - directed by Shinpei Kashiwara), “By using a single stroke, human beings, nature and society can all be connected.” This design, combining the motifs that symbolizes Tokyo, Sports, and the adidas logo, created a new “gateway” to Shibuya, Tokyo.

The mural of the “Sustainability Area”, designed by Shinpei Kashiwara with Chikako Kai of the Creative & Artist Unit “RON TOPAS Creative LAB”, beautifully decorated the store. Under the “END PLASTIC WASTE” message, recycled polyester and fabrics were used in these designs.

Limited edition t-shirts were also designed and will be on sale to commemorate the opening of the store.

For the next opening, the “adidas Originals Corner” (2nd FL) in late August, additional artwork is currently in production.

We are proud once again to work with the Adidas Brand and continue to act as a leader in producing global sports brand events.​

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