Unfinished Live 2022

September 2022. New York City, The Shed at Hudson Yards

Now in its second year, Unfinished Live convened more than 3,000 in-person and virtual attendees to explore and focus on the solutions needed to build a more equitable internet, economy, and society.

The event featured a world-class lineup of 188 speakers with mainstage programming, live podcast recordings, interactive workshops, engaging masterclasses, dozens of dynamic discussions, artistic expressions and unparalleled networking opportunities.

The discussions during Unfinished Live explored a decentralized future where new technology can support a stronger democracy and fairer economy. It also celebrated the networks, movements, and people challenging the status quo. From owning and controlling personal data, to protecting trust and privacy, to repairing social media and what it has broken, Unfinished Live looked towards what’s possible through innovation and collaboration.

Returning as host was Baratunde Thurston and program highlights included Maria Ressa’s conversation with Vivian Schiller on the rising threat of disinformation to democracies around the world. Frank McCourt and Kevin Roose examined how Project Liberty is using breakthrough technology to create a healthier internet and more equitable future. A masterclass, led by Tristan Harris and Maria Bridge, explored how wisdom can protect humanity from technology. Cleo Abram interviewed Iddris Sandu who shared his latest innovations that bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Cory Doctorow hosted a live recording of his Craphound podcast, Seize the Means of Computation: A Big Tech Disassembly Manual. Nina McNeely stunned audiences with a choreographed exploration of the unconscious mind in The False Mirror.

Also hosted at The Shed during Unfinished Live was The Project Liberty Experience in collaboration with Refik Anadol, a provocative and fully immersive environment that actualizes a society where people hold the power and control over their personal data. Free and open to the public, visitors were invited to step into this future-forward spectacular to explore and interact with the technologies, art, organizations, and ideas that are actively working together to shape a better future. Empire worked closely with the Unfinished team and various Unfinished partners to deliver an inspiring and seamless run-of-show and broadcast for this high-profile convening. Empire oversaw show running for the main stage programs as well as the Podcast Stage, the Forum and Collaboratory stages for the live show days as well as broadcast to a virtual audience. Empire worked closely with T Strategy and Plan Experiential on all aspects of show production as well as Chilean strategy and creative design agency, Felicidad, to deliver an extraordinary display of Unfinished Live’s design assets and imagery within the live program. Empire is a proud production partner for Unfinished Live.

About Unfinished Live Unfinished Live is an annual convening of technologists, journalists, thought leaders, artists, and changemakers focused on harnessing the power of ethical technology and civic engagement to build a more equitable and sustainable future for all. Unfinished Live examines viable solutions to tackle the most urgent problems created by our current digital landscape.

About Project Liberty A critical part of the Unfinished ecosystem is Project Liberty — a first-of-its-kind initiative to create a web optimized for democracy. Project Liberty’s comprehensive approach combines three tracks — Technology, Governance, and Movement — to reset and rebuild our digital civic infrastructure for the public good. At the core of Project Liberty is a groundbreaking, open-source technology called the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP) that was designed to serve as a foundational layer of the next generation of the internet and to enable users to own and control their data.

The McCourt Institute, launched with founding partners Georgetown University and Sciences Po, is supporting new research and bringing together technologists and social scientists to ensure that digital governance is prioritized in the development of new technology and embedded in tomorrow’s web. To realize the transformative potential of DSNP and Project Liberty, Unfinished catalyzes movement leaders, social impact organizations, and a diverse network of partners with the goal of creating a thriving, multiracial democracy and fairer digital economy.

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